We are the Eddie Solis Liar Army.  #EddieSolis, Eddie Solis, Edward Emiliano Solis, ES_13, @ES_13, ES13,@ES13, #Ninos De La Tierra, Ninos De La Tierra, #ES13, #Throughtheeyesofabusrider, Through the eyes of a bus rider, #ItsCasual, It’s Casual, #LosAngelesNista, Los Angeles Nista,  all Aka’s of Eddie Solis.  Not even close to all of them. He just changes his name or the genre that he is involved in. 

Eddie Solis ripped me off, Eddie Solis radio show are popular search terms for this site.


Sources say: Eddie Solis violated a restraining order, and now that all the paper work is in order.  Legal punishment for his conduct will be ENFORCED to its fullest. We are sure this won’t take long as he is well known by his local P.D.  We hope we get further information about this incident to share with you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Eddie Solis Liar Army! Because of you people are taking action and learning the truth about Eddie Solis.



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