Eddie Solis Liar com

We are the Eddie Solis Liar Army.  #EddieSolis, Eddie Solis, Edward Emiliano Solis, #Ninos De La Tierra, Ninos De La Tierra, #ES13,ES13, #Throughtheeyesofabusrider, Through the eyes of a bus rider, #ItsCasual, It’s Casual, #LosAngelesNista Los Angeles Nista,  Eddie Solis Radio Show, all Aka’s of Eddie Solis.  Not even close to all of them. He just changes his name or the genre that he is involved in.

Wow, yet another conversion by Eddie himself.  Tales of Eddie Solis doing bad deeds continues.


My name is Justin Maranga.  I play in a band called Ancestors and run a small label called Dune Altar.  My interactions with Eddie Solis began about 8 or 9 years ago, when he was promoting shows at a small bar venue called the Relax Bar.  I played a few of Eddie’s shows, often with his band, It’s Casual.  He always seemed like…

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