We are the Eddie Solis Liar Army.  #EddieSolis, Eddie Solis, Edward Emiliano Solis, ES_13, @ES_13, ES13,@ES13, #Ninos De La Tierra, Ninos De La Tierra, #ES13, #Throughtheeyesofabusrider, Through the eyes of a bus rider, #ItsCasual, It’s Casual, #LosAngelesNista, Los Angeles Nista, Eddie Solis Radio Show, Eddie Solis ripped me off,  all Aka’s of Eddie Solis.  Not even close to all of them. He just changes his name or the genre that he is involved in.
Has anyone in the world ever received an apology from Eddie? Has anyone ever seen on ANY of his social media, that he is one bit sorry for all the grief he has caused? EVER?
Another story of Eddie doing bad deeds. This time to his own family:

He has lied to my father said he needed 250.00 the IRS has froze his money…my dad which is retired and doesn’t have much of his own as it is.. Eddie said he would pay my father back and all he does is lie lie lie!!!!! Now he’s actually saying that he’ll call the police if my dad doesn’t leave him alone for harassment!!!! What a joke!!! Be a man and pay my dad back wow what a dissapointment to say we are related.


Bob Elias says:

I am his cousin and loaned money to him on july 5 2017,he said he had no money to pay his rent because the IRS froze his bank accts,and his tax attorney would be able remove the IRS block by the 15 of july,He has lied and lied and lied,he’s ripping his famlily members off now,every dog has his day and Eddie’s will come sooner or later!
Cousin Bobby.

Bob Elias says:

He just recently ripped me off on a loan and i’m his cousin,Eddie is one sick puppy and needs serious help,he is a classic pathological liar and thief!
Cousin Bobby.


We are overwhelmed with the emails/messages/rants about how much hate is in the world for Eddie Solis. We will NOT post threats/hate filled rants. Feel free to write those directly.

Thank you members of the Eddie Solis Liar Army! You ROCK! Because of your diligence people are listening. Thank you again!  


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