We are the Eddie Solis Liar Army.  #EddieSolis, Eddie Solis, Edward Emiliano Solis, ES_13, @ES_13, ES13,@ES13, #Ninos De La Tierra, Ninos De La Tierra, #ES13, #Throughtheeyesofabusrider, Through the eyes of a bus rider, #ItsCasual, It’s Casual, #LosAngelesNista Los Angeles Nista, all Aka’s of Eddie Solis.  Not even close to all of them. He just changes his name or the genre that he is involved in.
Justin says:
I just wanted to update my amplifier has been returned to me.
It basically took a Facebook post going viral to get him to surface and speak (hours after deleting my comments on his bands’ Facebook pages and blocking me). Anyway, I bow out of this now. I’m glad some good has come of this ordeal. It seems like people are really talking, and that’s important. I don’t think Eddie is beyond repair. But until he is honest with himself about his own bullshit, he’s going to have a real hard time in life.
Thanks for the platform. I’m happy to have been able to resolve my problem and I hope others are able to do the same.
Maybe G.M. will get his guitars back now. Maybe Eddie will start paying back the folks he has screwed over.
Thank you Eddie Solis Liar Army! You all rock. Thank you, oh thank you, thank you.

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