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  1. I have a story to contribute to this website. It’s ongoing right now, so the sooner the better, because I know he reads this.


      • I’ve attached my story as a word document. Let me know if there are any issues.

        On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 2:58 AM, Eddie Solis Liar com wrote:

        > EddieSolisLiar commented: “Hello Justin, Feel free to write your story and > we will post it. Thanks, Eddie Solis Liar Army” >


    • Is there another email I can send it to?

      On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 11:51 AM, Eddie Solis Liar com wrote:

      > EddieSolisLiar commented: “Unfortunately the word doc did not come > through. Not sure why. Please try again. Thank you.” >

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  2. Hey justin, a friend mine sent me a link to this. I just about fell out of my chair. I used to be in a band called who rides the tiger. We had recorded an album, and were releasing that under our own label” hard drugs”. Again, like you, I knew Eddie from southern Lord and the relax bar. At the time he was promoting his publicity company something panda (cant remember), and we hired him to do a publicity campaign for the album. He asked for $1000 and then he sent a bunch of mailing labels to magazines/online zines….basically, in a nutshell, we mailed out like 300 CDs to all these different places. The guy never fucking followed through with any of it. basically we paid him $1000 for a bunch of mailing labels. We figured, dude from southern lord could do some good work for us. think out of the 300 CDs that we mailed out we got like four reviews? Anyway, I basically called him out on it, he backpedaled, tried to play dumb, gave me the run around. Anyway, I threatened to show up at his doorstep (aka put him in the hospital) and told him that I wanted a full refund. After some back an forth (fuck, I wish I could find the emails) he agreed to give us out money back. It really wasn’t gonna end well for him if he didn’t, and he knew this. Get this. That fucking idiot, sent $1000 in cash via US mail. It really sucked. It was pretty much the end of the band after that. We had spent a considerable amount time creating what we thought was a great album, that we had a guy that was going to do some good publicity for us and by the time it was all said and done, the album had it’s run and we hung it up. He’s a real piece of shit. His band is piece of shit. I used to see him around here and there, and it would take everything inside of me to not scalp him. Eddie, if you read this, I hope you slip in a puddle of aids.
    Justin, thank you for this.

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    • Ugh this is all such a drag. I’m supposed to get my amp back tonight. Fingers crossed. He’s trying to get me to take down this story, but I stand behind it. He would prefer to be portrayed as irresponsible rather than a thief. But we don’t always get to write our kenny story. He’s got A LOT of self reflection and change to do before he is ever able to rehab his reputation.

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