We are the Eddie Solis Liar Army.  #EddieSolis, Eddie Solis, #Ninos De La Tierra, Ninos De La Tierra, #ES13,ES13, #Throughtheeyesofabusrider, Through the eyes of a bus rider, #ItsCasual, It’s Casual, #LosAngelesNista Los Angeles Nista, all Aka’s of Eddie Solis. Not even close to all of them. He just changes his name or the genre that he is involved in Eddie Solis is a person who threatens women, doesn’t show up in court, has a PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST HIM. Scamming people as he goes. This is a NOTICE to every business that is involved with him. 

WARNING: Eddie Solis will screw you over. He will LIE and LIE and has no conscience about it.

The fat, bloated, greasy, self serving, narcissist  Eddie has not stopped LYING. He has not stopped SCAMMING.

Someone sent in an article from LONG ago about Eddie doing something good in the world. We could NOT confirm if it was true as no one will acknowledge that they actually know Eddie Solis.

Thank you to every single person that is on this quest to let the world know what a loser Eddie Solis is. We are thankful that most of the likes on his pages are all from LIKE FOR LIKE people. Fake.