We are the Eddie Solis Liar Army. Eddie Solis, ES13, ES_13, it’s casual, Ninos De La Tierra just some of his aliases. Our goal is to let anyone and everyone know that Eddie Solis is a huge liar. He threatens people. He has 5 year restraining order against him. That is why the Eddie Solis Liar Army exists. 

After doing good things in the world. We come back to full message boxes of Eddie Solis being his same old, fat, greasy, narcissistic self. We still haven’t found one thing he has ever done good for the world.

We can not make this stuff up! The cat is out of the bag! Eddie is making a video with Robo Shobo. Just a quick search turned up http://roboshobo.com/ Just take a few minutes to read through that.

The same ol crap that Eddie spews. Same videos that sound horrible. Old albums as new? Oh, pic of his car. Maybe he still has it. Or maybe he took a ton of pics and it was never his? Who can tell with the liar that Eddie Solis, ES13, ES_13, It’s casual, Ninos De La Tierra, many more, is.

Remember perception is everything. No one cares about the pics you took out the bus window. All the fake people. Like for like. Funny.

Thank you all for all the information. The fans of Eddie Solis Liar Army are the best! I wrote to a few of you last night, thanks for the responses.






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