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We are the Eddie Solis Liar Army!!! Eddie Solis, ES13, ES_13, it’s casual, Ninos De La Tierra just some of his aliases. 

Thank you all for all the information.

Eddie carfree again? He is posting that. Oh well, we all know he is a liar.

Why does he post videos of things that sound like shit? I guess that is how his band really sounds. Like for like. That is the only way anyone liked any of his videos.

Perception is everything. Eddie Solis, is a huge liar. I can not stress this enough. The radio show he is supposed to have in production. Everyone count how many Ahs…there are. Hilarious. That is truly fun. Make a drinking game out of it, so you can get really messed up.

I just want to thank everyone in the Eddie Solis Liar Army! You all rock! I hope you all get what you deserve from Eddie. Looks like he is downsizing. Better get your judgments in quick. Remember he doesn’t show up to court. Even the cases he files against people.

Thanks again, remember the funniest thing. He thinks you all are his friends.

#EddieSolis #EddieSolisLiar, #ES_13, #ES13, #itscasual, #ninosdelatierra #EddieSolisSpaz


We are the EddieSolisLiar Army! #EddieSolisLiar, Eddie Solis, ES13, ES_13. It’s casual, Ninos De La Tierra and many, many other Aliases 

I just wanted to thank everyone for their overwhelming response. After doing good in the world for the holidays. We were NOT surprised to come back to over loaded message boxes. We have seen the videos, pictures. Same old narcissistic, fat, greasy, liar Eddie Solis always has been, nothing new. Oh but wait, someone sent this just today.


Who is Jen Dan? Do they know how to google? All you have to do is google Eddie Solis and you even see this word press page. I guess “reporters/interviewers”, don’t need to even minimally check out a person before sending out an article with their name on it. The same ol hack crap that Eddie has been putting out forever. Almost word for word. Like block and copy. Sad and funny.

Jen Dan of Rebel Noise who is that? We here at the EddieSolisLiar Army are interested in finding out who that person is? How many views do they get? All very interesting.

Thank you all so much. I understand timing. I cant wait to hear the endings of some of these stories.