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We are the Eddie Solis Liar Army! ES13 #ES13. It’s Casual #ItsCasual, Eddie Solis #Eddie Solis, Ninos De La Tierra #ninosdelatierra, and many, many other AKA’s 

Eddie Solis is a huge liar, it is all PERCEPTION. Just lie and lie, post old pics as new ones. Post gross food pics, have fake people like, comment. Perception.

The funniest thing I learned today. Eddie posted he now owns a BRAND NEW CAR. Wow, if that is true then all his crap is for nothing LOL. The best part, all those people that want to sue him, but didn’t cause he had nothing substantial to get. NOW is your chance, SUE away, get those money JUDGEMENT’s AGAINST HIM! How exciting for you all. I know that many of you have stressed that 250.00, or 500.00 judgement’s against him wouldn’t do much. Added up they will make an impact on his life.

Remember, he DOES NOT show up in court. Even the court cases he paid/filed for. How stupid is that?

This self serving narcissist, will get everything coming to him. You can not just keep screwing people over and over and not pay the consequences

Thank you all so much for the information, the pics, videos, all this information gathered will help. Someone, since you all are his “friends” tell Eddie to clean up. Why must he look like a greasy howler monkey?

#eddiesolis, #es13, #itscasual, #ninosdelatierra


We are the Eddie Solis Liar Army! Eddie Solis ES13 #ES13, It’s Casual, Ninos De La Tierra, and many, many other aka’s.

Thank you all for your information. Thank you for the emails, messages, pics, videos. It is greatly appreciated.

The narcissist Eddie and his “band” are up tonight selling merch! Did you see the video of an unkempt Eddie Solis hawking his merch? The close up greasy dude shots are excellent. Great way for everyone to see exactly what a liar looks like up close, and very personal.

Perception is everything. Lying is everything. Just lie about it. Just lie, lie, lie. Oh yeah and threaten, threaten chicks, via text.

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We are the Eddie Solis Liar Army! Eddie Solis, ES13, It’s Casual, Ninos De La Tierra, and many other AKA’s 
Thank you all for the messages, and information.  We already know he is a liar. We do love the constant input though. Thanks for participating in our quest to let the world know what a LIAR/Loser Eddie Solis is.
Eddie posting the same ol videos. greasy, howler monkey pics/videos, gross food pics. The funniest thing is all the “fake” people. At least NO one is paying ANY attention to him. That must be hard for a useless narcissist.
We here at the Eddie Solis is a Liar Army, are still trying to find one thing that Eddie Solis has done that wasn’t self serving. Anyone? One thing? NO? We haven’t found one thing either. So he has lived his life mooching/leeching off everyone from family to friends? What a low life.
Yet more funny from http://www.EddieSolisLiar.com

Ed solis’ biography is BS. He has been saying he is from Boyle Heights…lol. Dude is from Whittier,Ca. He lived around the block from me back in the day. He did not grow up in a gang infested neighborhood like he claims. Thank you for exposing this deutch bag.\m/

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